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Simply tell us the brand you usually wear and how you'd like it to fit better.

Mail-in your shirt

If your best fitting shirt is tailored made or a brand you love. Send it to us Learn More

Free Fit Refinements

If your first shirt doesn't fit exactly how you'd like, let us know how to improve it & We'll replace it free.

Money-back Guarantee

You've got nothing to lose but the extra shirt fabric billowing over your belt.


Tailors for Dress Shirts at Snap Tailor

Pattern dress shirts are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, whether they are for formal wear or a casual meeting with friends. Snap Tailor provides expert service for tailored casual shirts as well as formal wear with quality and fine finishing. With so many styles of shirts available, it is hard for you to where to begin. Here is Snap Tailor; we have a team of tailor for dress shirts whose expertise gives you quality and elegant wear. All the shirts boast designs that are according to your fitting, so you can browse our online library to choose one for yourself.

Why Choose Us?

• No Measuring
One of the convenience we offer you is that there is no need to give us a measurement. Let us know which brand you prefer to wear and how to fit you want it.
• Mail Us Your Shirt
Whether you have pattern dress shirts of any brand or tailor-made, you can send it to us via mail, and our experts can customize your shirt according to your preference.
• Free Changes
If the first shirt you receive does not satisfy you or it does not fit according to how you want it. Send us back and we will either replace or improve it according to your fitting requirements.
• Money-Back Guarantee
Suppose your shirt is not according to your specifications even after changes or replacement. You can avail of our money-back offer and refund your amount.