Below are your collar options, from left to right: button-down, spread, semi-spread, and point.

Button-Down Collar Spread Collar Semi-spread Collar Point Collar


For shirts that will generally be worn with a tie, we recommend semi-spread or spread.  For shirts that won't be worn with a tie, we recommend semi-spread, point, or button-down.

We match collar width to the fit you have chosen: narrow for slim fit, medium for semi-slim fit, and wide for regular fit. If this doesn't match your preferences, add a note to your cart when you check out.


Below are your cuff options, from left to right: one button rounded, one button angled, two button angled, two button barrel, French barrel, and French angled.

One Button Rounded Cuff One Button Angled Cuff Two Button Angled Cuff Two Button Barrel Cuff French Barrel Cuff French Angled Cuff


If you won't be wearing cuff links, we recommend one button angled or rounded.

If you want something other than what you see below, add a note to your cart and we should be able to make it for you.





Contrast trim is an optional secondary trim fabric on the inside of the collar and cuffs. Contrast trim is an additional $10.

Contrast trim catches the eye and stands out from the crowd. With bolder patterns such as gingham, we recommend using a solid color pulled from the main pattern. For solid color shirts, a more provocative pattern such as flowers or paisley can be used. White trim is also a good option for office shirts.

To see our contrast fabrics, click here. We also have solid colors to match any shirt.

contrast trim


A monogram is a set of two or three initials sewn into the cuff of your shirt, or really anywhere you like. They also work well on the front shirt tail which is usually tucked into your pants. We offer block or diamond lettering as shown here. Monograms are an additional $10.

To add a monogram, select the monogram option when you add a shirt to your cart. Then add the details for the monogram (initials, block or diamond, position, and thread color) in the Special Instructions text box before you add it to your cart.

block and diamond monogram examples