Importance of people of color in the tech industry.


We are living in a technologically developed world.  However, Arriving here would have never been possible without the contributions of some extraordinary individuals. When you go through their profiles and their contributions,  you will get a better understanding of what they gave to make this world a better place for everyone.


- Gladys West (GPS)

Gladys West is an American Mathematician who played a significant role in the invention of GPS or Global Positioning System. People in today’s world are using GPS for many different purposes. They include personal, commercial, and military purposes.   She has been working on these mathematical models for decades. In fact, she programmed an IBM computer back in the 1970s and 80s to come up with precise calculations in determining the shape of the earth.

Along with that, she incorporated some sophisticated algorithms, which provided information about the variations in tidal waves, gravitational pulls, and other forces that create distortions in the shape of the earth. This data was eventually used to determine the overall shape & “rhythm” of the planet.

 Gladys West published data processing system specifications for the Geosat Satellite Radar Altimeter. It contributed a lot to the development of GPS technology. Due to these contributions, she was inducted to the US Air Force Hall of Fame back in 2018. It is one of the highest honors that a person can receive from Air Force Space Command.



- Philip Emeagwali (internet)

Philip Emeagwali is called the father of the internet.

People in today’s world are using the internet for many different purposes. In fact, we cannot even imagine a world without it.  Without the contributions of Philip Emeagwali, the web that we can see would be totally different.

In fact, we wouldn’t have achieved such advanced internet connectivity options without the contributions made by Philip Emeagwali. Philip Emeagwali is also the inventor of the world’s fastest the computer.

It is important to note that he didn’t enjoy the best of childhoods. In fact, he had to go through lots of difficulties growing up. Philip grew up in Nigeria, which was torn by civil war. He was living in a building that was crumbled due to rocket shells. However, Philip Emeagwali strongly believed that his intelligence will be able to make him open up to new opportunities in the future and possibly change the world.


Philip Emeagwali got the idea to move forward with his inventions after he saw the efficiency of bees. He carefully examined the way bees were working together to construct a honeycomb. Then he went ahead and applied that principle in computers. Along with that, he would come up with a powerful and efficient simulation. He emulated the honeycomb construction of bees back in1989 using 65,000 different processors. Along with that, he invented the fastest computer in the world, which can process up to 3.1 billion calculations per second. Along with this, he was able to contribute effectively to the development of the internet.


- Valerie Thomas (inventor)

Valerie Thomas is one of the most prominent inventors who provided a lot towards the rapid growth of the tech industry. He was born in 1943 and had a keen interest in science and math. Upon graduating with a degree in chemistry, Valerie Thomas started working for NASA. In fact, she was a constant collaborator and contributor NASA with her knowledge till the say she died.


One of the best products founded by Valerie Thomas throughout her career was the illusion transmitter. It contributed a lot to the research efforts of NASA. As a result, she was widely recognized within NASA as well. This device is capable of producing optical illusion images with the help of two different concave mirrors. The technology is currently being used when performing surgeries. On the other hand, this is the technology that we can see during the production of video screens and television as well.

Valerie Thomas got an interest in exploring the beauty of technology from her young age. This helped her to become one of the best inventors in history as well.


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