Things to do if you are spending Valentine's Day alone 


Raise your hands if you are going to spend Valentine's Day alone this year! Well, if you're without a partner on this special day of love, I'm going to give you a few suggestions for a solo date night.....( continue reading below )



 The annual celebration with its hyped advertisements and marketing plays a significant role in influencing us to feel the need for affection on this day in particular. 


Thankfully in the 21st century, the world has taught us that self-love is the best and purest form of love one can experience, and this Valentine's Day, I'll be treading with you to dismiss all the stances of seclusion and make the most of it!. I'll note a few things that you can do on the V-Day if you are going to spend it on your own. Trust me, I'm taking my own advice.


  •    Start the day with breakfast on bed 

First things first, start the day with a king-size breakfast in bed. A few slices of toast, an egg poached, and some fresh fruits. Arrange on your fanciest saucers. Now, crawl back into bed with it; open the drapes of your bedroom, let the sunshine in! & put on some music, and indulge in one of the coziest breakfasts since the start of the year.


my music recommendations :


  •    Go to the Cinema

Yes, you heard me right. Don't wait for anyone to tag along. Go!

If you're a movie buff and love to binge-watch, I say get the tickets for back-to-back movies playing in the same theater. Make sure you make room in between showings for a bathroom break.


The movies I'm going to be watching


The best part about going to the movie all alone? You can splurge on popcorn, jujubes, and a coke slushy. Apart from the usual fun and excitement of going to the cinema, watching a movie alone can be an eye-opener and is inarguably quite different from browsing Netflix. You'll realize everything that conventionally requires a partner can be unapologetically done alone, and secondly, standing out in the crowd while being amidst the herd of pairs and always gives me an unparalleled sense of confidence.





  •    Pull out old photo albums 

Yet another great way of spending Valentine's Day alone is by going down the memory lane. Owing to this accelerated pace of life in the present day, more often than not, we tend to miss out on those heart-warming reminiscences from the past that once formed our little infinities. What could be a better way to catch up with them apart from Valentine's day?. The day that prioritizes love and friendship over everything else in the world? Pull out all your photo albums that silently lay curled up under the burden of your obligations and responsibilities in your closet, or you can pull up the fond memories on your smartphone. Then prepare a cup of coffee or tea and look back on all the moments that have molded you as a person. These are some of your fondest memories, why not relive the moments?


  •    Do something that you have feared the most 

This is for all of you who have social fears and wanted to change them. We'll start small. If you have a slight case of social anxiety and prefer keeping away from the crowd, then this Valentine's Day can be a model adjustment in this uniformity, and you can make it on your calendar. Nonetheless, please don't push yourself too hard because, at the end of the day, I'm aiming to make you feel good and re-discover things about yourself that you might have forgotten and not the other way round. Forget yourself in the things that you've discovered, fear & anxiety.

The most significant gift anyone one can ever give themselves is moving on from a stagnant point- tearing off something that constricted you for so long and giving yourself the freedom to explore new heights.


  •    Read a novel or a book of poetry 

The best way to subtly let yourself out of the hustle, Is by reading your favorite novel or a book of poetry. Regardless of whether or not you have flipped through the pages before. If you are running short of time but wish to re-absorb the essence of the novel, skip a few pages and read a few random paragraphs. This isn't the best way to read a book, but I'm focusing more on the calm and unsurpassed joy brought about by re-discovering a passage that might have resonated with you some time ago.

Additionally, if you find a line or paragraph that seems vaguely familiar or resonates with you, jot it, them down on a piece of paper or a notebook. You'll come back to it later and re-experience that same feeling you got when you first read the passage.  


That's it for me.

Dollar Bill Signing off. Enjoy your V-Day!



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