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What a month we’ve had. Tragic, Historic & Enlightening.  By no means am I going to recap what’s been happening. If you have a TV or smartphone, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with the current state of our nation due to the horrific murders of Ms. Belly Mujinga, Ms. Breonna Tailor, Mr. Abury Amadu & Mr. George Floyd.

As a human believing in equal rights for all.  
I stand with the activist.
I stand with the protesters.
I stand with all who believe and stand against social & racial injustice has no place in this nation.

I live in New York City.  I've witnessed many of the recent protests and gatherings throughout Manhattan.  Seeing the pain and frustration of the protesters it's hard not to feel something and while my emotions are running high and still all over the place, I still live by one of many philosophies. “Love for your sister, brother, and neighbor the things you would love for yourself”.  Forgiveness, Happiness and always promoting peace. I still try to hold those principles in my own life. I don’t always succeed. Whether I fail or succeed that's all on me. I believe principles are "lighthouses" that guide us. They don't move or change even if we do.

I understand the frustration and rage.
There have been 400+ years of oppression and pain.
It shows up in our communities due to systemic racism, and now it’s overtly present on the world stage.

I don’t think anyone has the answer on how to fix this.
I clearly don’t but self-introspection is always a good start. Ask yourself,  Do I have any unconscious biases?.  Have I added to any racial inequality?.  Then observe your home, your place of work, your house of worship.  Do you perpetuate the problem with silence, off-putting jokes, or turning a blind eye to unfairness in the workplace? The change starts self. This is the work that can’t be posted on social media, observers by others, or liked.
It’s for you, it's internal and hopefully eternal.

On the homepage, I’ve posted some resources to take a step towards empathy and understanding.  I've added the link below.

Resources & ways to support black lives matter.

This year has been one roller-coaster of emotions for us all. There will now and forever be a "new normal". I hope we all come out of this better, stronger, and wiser version of ourselves.

With Love (Yeah, that's not a typo),
Emir Fulna.


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