About us.


At Snap Tailor, we’re on a mission to change the way today’s men shop online for clothing. We believe that you should be able to buy a dress shirt online that fits as great as it looks. And you should be able to do that at an affordable price.


Confidence is all about the way you carry yourself. It’s as much of an outward appearance as it is an inward feeling. And when the two come together and you look as great as you feel, that’s a beautiful thing.


That’s why we create dress shirts perfectly fit to you. Sleeves that hit just right. A collar that’s not too loose or tight. No blousing or bunching. Just an all-around incredible looking dress shirt tailored to your measurements that fits perfectly right out of the box. And we deliver it straight to your door at a price you can afford.


It’s time to stop wearing shirts that don’t fit you. It’s time to stop wasting time and money at a tailor. Shop snaptailor.com and enjoy custom-made shirting in an online experience that’s tailored specifically to you.